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Sneak into mansions, map them, steal all the loot and escape! Coffee-break turn-based stealth inspired by Looking Glass Studios' Thief games. The randomly-generated mansions are loosely based on Chinese courtyard houses, with symmetry, enclosed gardens, and a public-to-private gradient from the entrance northward.

When guards give chase, run diagonally around corners to gain distance (not unlike Pac-Man) or leap out a window.

Cobbled together out of spare parts for the 2016 Seven-day Roguelike Challenge. This post-7DRL release fixes a few bugs and quality-of-life features and adds visible guard orientations.

Written by James McNeill. Testing by Mendi Carroll and Mike Gaffney.

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ThiefRL2-5.zip 196 kB


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Great game, but I would like to continue from the same level I fail.