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Sneak into mansions, map them, steal all the loot and escape! Coffee-break turn-based stealth inspired by Looking Glass Studios' Thief games. The randomly-generated mansions are loosely based on Chinese courtyard houses, with symmetry, enclosed gardens, and a public-to-private gradient from the entrance northward.

When guards give chase, run diagonally around corners to gain distance (not unlike Pac-Man) or leap out a window.

Cobbled together out of spare parts for the 2016 Seven-day Roguelike Challenge. This post-7DRL release fixes a few bugs and quality-of-life features and adds visible guard orientations.

Written by James McNeill. Testing by Mendi Carroll and Mike Gaffney.

Version 6 (released 2018 January 2) fixes a couple of small bugs: a corner flanked by two windows was not getting correctly marked as visible, and investigating guards could step on top of the player if the player moved into their destination.

Version 7 (released 2018 March 4) adds a view zoom feature to help make the game easier to see on high-resolution displays. Press the 1-4 number keys to set the zoom level.

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ThiefRL2-7.zip 192 kB
ThiefRL2-6.zip 192 kB
ThiefRL2-5.zip 196 kB

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Thank you James!  I will try the update.

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Wonderful game. 

 I'm just wondering if there's a way to make it larger to see.

Thanks! Glad you enjoy it. For full screen are you thinking of something that scales up? Or changing the screen resolution? What resolution and screen size are you using?

Sorry for the delay! I had some time before starting this year's 7DRL so I put in a zoom feature on this game. You can press 2 to get 2X tile size, 3 for 3X, and 4 for 4X if you want them ridiculously large.


Great game, but I would like to continue from the same level I fail.

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Hi James,

Sorry, I edited my post.  I meant is there a way to make the map larger?

I have problems viewing it, because it's so tiny.

Thank you.