Sneak into mansions, map them, steal all the loot and escape! Coffee-break turn-based stealth inspired by Looking Glass Studios' Thief games. The randomly-generated mansions are loosely based on Chinese courtyard houses, with symmetry, enclosed gardens, and a public-to-private gradient from the entrance northward.

When guards give chase, run diagonally around corners to gain distance (not unlike Pac-Man) or leap out a window.

Cyan guards patrol the northern private quarters and gardens, although they may occasionally patrol through the southern public areas as well. Magenta guards are not allowed in the private wings of the house; they only patrol the public rooms. It is possible to find and wear cyan and/or magenta guard disguises. Guards are less suspicious of someone who looks like themselves. However, picking up loot, climbing on tables or into bushes, or diving into water, will raise suspicions.

This game is my 2021 7DRL entry. It starts from ThiefRL2 as a base and adds disguise mechanics. Guard awareness and behavior has been retuned somewhat as well. Written for web browsers in a combination of Rust and JavaScript. Source is on Github.


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The AI is a lot more fun to interact with in this one. Thank you for putting it out there