Sword Horde: My 7DRL for 2018

This year for the 7DRL I wanted to take on Dynasty Warriors, despite mostly only having second-hand knowledge of the franchise. Coming up with a workable sword-fighting mechanic and crowd motion took most of the time. It's only good for a couple of minutes of play, but I think it has promise and could be built on for future projects.

In the end it has almost nothing to do with Roguelikes. Probably the closest comparison would be Unexplored, a commercial action Roguelike with a similar top-down view. My combat is more reminiscent of sword-fighting, I think, but Unexplored has an actual game with some really cool dungeon design.

The game's been built around a controller (one joystick and one button). There are keyboard controls but I don't think they are really usable.

Hopefully this provides a few minutes of amusement!


SwordHorde-1.zip 247 kB
Mar 10, 2018

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