A downloadable game for Windows

A very simple action game for Windows and a game controller, created by James McNeill during the 2018 Seven-Day Roguelike Challenge.

Uses Chipmunk Game Dynamics, Scott Lembcke's 2D physics engine.

Fight off waves of enemies with your sword and your three companions.

Controller (Xbox 360 labels):

Left StickMove
ASwing sword
YSlow motion (toggle)
StartPause (toggle)
BackRestart current level

Keyboard controls:

EscPause (toggle)
PPause (toggle)
NNew game
RRestart current level

Debug hotkeys:

DDebug display (toggle)
SSlow motion (toggle)
PgUp/PgDnIncrement/decrement level


SwordHorde-2018-03-12.zip 247 kB
SwordHorde-1.zip 247 kB

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